Model Recruitment For Bait & Tackle® Motion Picture Production Company


Model Recruitment For Bait & Tackle® Motion Picture Production Company

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Casting Needs For December 2023 : Caucasian Males

Portland's #1 motion picture production company for adults, Bait & Tackle®, is currently casting white males for photo and video work. No experience necessary. Just be over 18 with a valid photo ID, good looking with a nice body, and most importantly, have a GREAT attitude! You'll get $100 for your camera test, and if you're a fit for us, you can join our crew and earn $100+ every time you come to the studio.

Top Reasons To Work For Bait & Tackle®

Get $$$ To Have Fun

From shoots with over 2,000 bananas to painting canvases with wieners, we create content that's fun. It's like YouTube without censors + a frat party + truth or dare, where you get paid to participate. You'll laugh, and you'll probably lose your clothes.

You'll Have A Producer

Every shoot we do has a producer behind the camera to provide direction, create a narrative, and ensure that your fans are engaged at the highest level. Sure, you could run your own webcam at home... you could also cut your own hair.

We Know Branding

We know the value of a brand and how to create a loyal fanbase. It's been a hallmark of who we are since Bait & Tackle formed in 2005. We even hired the same company that names Las Vegas casinos to create the "Bait & Tackle" name and possible taglines.

Professional Equipment

Fans want clear video with great lighting, and we have the professional equipment, high end HD cameras, and technical expertise to make you look your best. You've seen blurry, dark video with shaky camera work and probably clicked away to someone or something else. That won't happen here.

Bond With New People

Our models have met drinking buddies, roommates, and even new best friends through us. We've had friends, relatives, military buddies, and classmates do shoots together. Being a part of this is like no adventure you've ever had before. It's an amazingly awesome bonding experience.

Exotic Locations

Our best performers can go on to do location work in places such as Hawaii and Las Vegas. We've been parasailing on the Big Island and piloted glide planes here in Oregon. We've rented out an entire castle in Nebraska and over 100 acres on Oahu where we had a helicopter land in a field of naked soccer players.

Like No Job You've Ever Experienced Before

The Camera Test Pays $100 And Takes About 3 Hours

Step #1 - Apply Now

Apply by sending in your contact information along with recent photos of yourself. To do that, just click "Apply Now" anywhere on this site.

Step #2 - Pre-check

After we approve your photos and information as a potential match for our current casting needs, we'll schedule a pre-check meeting. This is where we'll review your ID to make sure it's valid (i.e. not expired or badly torn) and answer any questions you may have.

Step #3 - Camera Test

With the pre-check complete, the next step is the camera test. It pays $100 and takes about three hours from start to finish. You'll fill out a model release and complete a questionnaire, then we'll assess your looks and your personality while we take photos and record a video at our studio. You'll finish the camera test by jerking off while watching a "motivational video" on the TV.

Step #4 - Further Work

If you successfully complete the camera test and we feel that you have the potential to do well, we'll invite you back to do further work. For our productions, we create reality-based storylines and scenarios emphasizing our model's strongest features. If, for example, you're good at fixing cars, we might film a video where you race to fix a flat tire. We want our fans to adore you. The more they do, the more you'll earn.

Step #5 - Travel

Our best performers travel with the company to places like Hawaii and Las Vegas for larger on location productions. We typically balance time shooting with time being tourists, recording video in dedicated spaces while taking photos for social media while sightseeing. We'll cover your plane ticket, your meals, your hotel, and you'll get paid, too.

Bait & Tackle® Model Requirements

If you fit the casting needs and requirements, submit your photos and contact information below.

Must Be 18 Years Of Age Or Older

You must be at least 18 years of age.

Must Be In The Portland Area

We are currently only looking to cast guys in the Portland area.

Must Have A Valid, United States Issued ID

You must have either a state issued ID card or driver's license or a United States issued passport. It cannot be expired, multilated/torn, or revoked.

Must Have A Secondary ID

Your secondary ID can be almost any card sized document with your name pre-printed on it. A debit card, credit card, library card, social security card, insurance card, or voter registration card are a few examples of acceptable secondary ID's.

Casting Needs For December 2023 :

Caucasian Males
Caucasian Males

Caucasian Males

Between 18 and 35

Our Ideal Match:

Appear between 18 and 28 years of age
No tattoos / body piercings
Short hair
Thin, fit, or muscular build
Any height
Natural pubic and armpit hair
Clean cut, collegiate look

Case By Case Evaluation:

Multiple tattoos / body piercings
Long hair / no hair


Nose jewelry
Unnatural color contact lenses
Shaven / waxed pubic hair
if you're unwilling to grow it out

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A candid bathroom selfie taken today works best for our purposes.
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Face not necessary. Not too close. Needs body for reference.
Including a nude photo speeds up processing of your application.
A candid bathroom selfie taken today works best for our purposes.
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Yes, we work with girls, too.
Video PDX™, though, is just for boys.